Internet Academy provides Web design and Web development training courses in New York City, NY.

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Internet Academy has been also known as a leading Web design and Web development company in Japan since 1995. Our full-experienced designers and developers teach state-of-the-art Web technology along with their professional know-hows in front of you.

Global Standard

Having partnership with W3C/MIT, the international standard Web design and development technology has been introduced into our curricula, and we have been able to keep it up to date.

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Internet Academy considers the basic understanding of technology enormously important as with practical trainings because companies are looking for someone who has both the basic knowledge and applied skill.

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    Hiroki Yamada who is our instructor, and a visiting researcher in W3C gives you a brief history lesson about the World Wide Web.See More

  • Internet Academy Story

    Check out the history of Internet Academy, the leading Global Institute in web design, since 1995. From the company's founding till today.See More

  • Why should we learn Web Design

    Why is Web Design so important? Why should we learn it? What is the salary of a web designer? All these questions answer is here.See More


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